Learning to use mFood

Welcome back! If you missed the last post, click here to catch up. Today we are going to discuss mFood from the consumer’s view, and explain how to navigate through some of the features of the app.  So let’s jump right in!

Welcome to mFood!

Once you have tapped the mFood icon on your screen, you will immediately arrive at the map view. If you have your location services turned off, you will see a map of at Feral Innovations location here in Napa, California. If activated, you will see a map that indicates your specific location with a blue dot.

You will notice that there are a few different icons visible on the screen. The button currently highlighted in red on the tab bar at the bottom of the screen is the Close by  icon. This shows what food trucks are, you guessed it, close by.

Once you tap on a truck, a vendor info window will appear over the truck icon.  The details will include the name of the truck, the cuisine type, Yelp star rating, and distance from your physical location. It will also show if the truck is tracking live, and if it is on your favorites list. “Tracking live” means that the truck has turned on their GPS location services, so that people in the area can find them.

The interface of mFood allows you to tap even further into a trucks details from the map view. Tapping on the vendor info window will show you truck photos, payment types accepted, menus and schedules. You can also call the listed number for the truck as well as add the truck to your list of favorites by tapping the heart.


While on a trucks "profile page" you will not only get access to the menus and schedules but social media as well. This includes the truck’s latest tweet and links to other social media outlets, making connecting with your favorite trucks fast and easy!

We hope this little walkthrough has helped you see how easy it is to find food trucks near you. Make sure to come back next time when we go through the tool kit!

On a final note, thank you to Cathedral City for hosting the Food Truck Mash-Up. Be sure to catch up on events like this one by becoming a part of our newsletter.

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